About Akyga

AKYGA is a trademark outstanding attention to quality.

The knowledge and active initiative let Akyga create a solid product offer. Their experience in promotion and creation of everyday use electronics offer gave a foundation for an Akyga trade mark reputation. Akygas mission is to provide a wide and professional offer of products related to power supply and improvement of consumer electronic equipment. Akyga takes responsibility for offer development in order to become an equivalent of creative pursuit towards technological progress. Nowadays their portfolio consist of around 250 products in 20 categories and the Akyga is one of the fastest- growing company on the Polish power supply and computer cases market.

Akyga Products in ASBIS online catalog:

Power Supply Units        Impulsive Power Supplies             Computer Cases


    Accessories                           Cables                                 Power Strips


     Adapters                               Mouse                        Batteries & Power Banks