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Cloud services

Cloud technologies have quickly become one of the main trends and were in demand by companies of various profiles. Service providers in the market are more and more, more and more there is a "cloud" solutions. Already, companies are clearly responding to the high-tech innovations, they were drawn to the "cloud": new opportunities for effective solutions to optimize business processes.


Provide your customers the infrastructure based on their demand and tasks

Cloud infrastructure resources which could be individually designed for specific needs. Use IaaS for compute, storage, public and private clouds, disaster recovery, virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI), web hosting, etc.

Virtual servers 

Bare metal servers 





Provide the comprehensive platform solution from worldwide leading suppliers

Service provides a computing platform needed to design, create and put an application into service, without enormous expenses to keep and maintain your own stuff.

Cloud management





 Provide access to software and its functions remotely as a web-based service

Software as a Service is a way of delivering applications over the Internet — as a service. All you need is just an internet connection. Contains SaaS solutions for business automation, business intelligence, business services, document management, human resources management, CRM, etc


CRM online

Power BI (BIaaS)

Project management



 Provide your customers better way to share information and collaborate

Communications & Collaboration solutions in the cloud designed to accelerate business productivity, speed up information sharing and communicate to each other by cheap and efficient way. Secured data and voice services such as VoIP and broadband Internet connectivity are available from worldwide leading Service Providers.

Hosted Exchange

Communication services