Intel CPU

Do more with your cloud computing, real-time analytics, processing for your mission-critical business, and big data insights. Improve data center efficiency and reliability to handle any workload.

Intel® Xeon® Scalable Processors    

Drive actionable insight, count on hardware-based security, and deploy dynamic service delivery with Intel® Xeon® Scalable processors. Support your hybrid cloud infrastructure and most demanding applications – including in-memory analytics, artificial intelligence, autonomous driving, high performance computing (HPC), and network transformation.


Intel® Xeon® D processors

Deliver workload optimized performance in space and power constrained environments, from the data center to the intelligent edge. These innovative, system-on-a-chip processors support high-density, single-socket network, storage, and cloud edge computing solutions with a range of integrated security, network, and acceleration capabilities.


Intel® Xeon® W processors

Designed for a wide range of creative professionals. Platforms featuring Intel® Xeon® W processors are the ultimate professional creator platforms, delivering outstanding performance, security, and reliability along with expanded platform capabilities for VFX, 3D rendering, complex 3D CAD, and AI development & edge deployments.


Intel® Xeon® E processors

Deliver essential performance and advanced security technologies for entry server solutions, professional workstations, and secure cloud services. Available with integrated Intel® UHD Graphics and certifications for top workstation applications.





AMD EPYC™ 7002 Series - 2nd Generation AMD EPYC™ Processors:

 Leadership that sets a new standard for the modern data center.


2nd Generation AMD Infinity Architecture delivers performance, scale, efficiency and security features for the agility to move at the speed of your business, now and into the future.


AMD EPYC™ 7002 Series Processors deliver world record performance with ~2X generational1 performance increase and outpacing Intel Xeon Platinum 8280L by up to 87%.2


Advanced security features with silicon-embedded processors that helps your organization take control of security and minimize risks to your most important assets.

1. Silicon based innovations

AMD EPYC™ 7002 Series processors deliver innovation. AMD is a leader in understanding fundamenal business challenges and designs processors that can help unlock lower TCO and better ROI.

  • • System on chip design makes servers simpler and save power
  • • Embedded security processor that doesn't need added hardware
  • • First x86 server processors featuring 7nm hybrid-multi-die design and PCIe® 4 support

2. Performance that others can’t match 

AMD EPYC 7002 Series processors utilize Infinity Architecture to remove performance bottlenecks and deliver World Record performance.

  • • World Record performance across major inustry benchmarks including: SPEC CPU® 2017,3 TPC,4 and VMware® VMmark® 36
  • • Up to 4 times more I0 bandwidth than Intel Xeon Scalable processors
  • • Up to 45% more memory bandwidth than Intel Scalable processors in the same class

3. Value

AMD EPYC processors delivers value - helping reduce your licensing costs and boosting your performance without breaking the bank.

  • • Use single socket servers without complexity or compromise
  • • Double the cores in the same space and power envelope
  • • Cut your ‘per-socket software’ licensing costs - one VMware™ license for 64 cores

4. ‘Hardened at the core’ to help minimize risks

AMD EPYC processors continue to build on their legacy of unique security features that are built into the processor, offering capabilities other platforms don't have.

  • • Help prevent certain side-channel attacks
  • • Special safeguards for virtualization and cloud
  • • Scrutinize software boots for corruption for greater reliability

5. Speed your applications - even specialized ones

AMD EPYC processors let you support your workloads with the right resources and a flexible architecture that can adapt to even specialized needs. For business and scientific workloads, EPYC unlocks possibilities other platforms don't.

  • • VIRTUALIZATION AND CLOUD: World record virtualization performance and core capacity help customers reduce TCO, increase revenue streams with existing capacity, and provide advanced security features to private and public cloud customers alike.
  • • CONTAINERS AND MICRO SERVICES: improve response time with high core-to-container ratios and near linear scaling of container capacity per server.
  • • IN-MEMORY DATABASES: Massive memory footprint and industry leading I/O allow large numbers of NVMe drives for fast, in memory performance.
  • • HPC: highest core count, highest DRAM capacity,8 highest I/O capacity for CPU acceleration and highest-speed interconnect in the industry.
  • • AI/ML WORKLOADS: More PCIe Gen4 lanes than any other x86 server processor, able to support the most directly connected (without PCIe switch) GPUs per server in the industry.