Prestigio Interactive touch table

Transforming your brand messaging into engaging and powerful experiences

Superiority without additional money.

Looking for a compelling and impactful solution for an upcoming tradeshow or business meeting?

Keep an eye on Interactive Digital Smart table from Prestigio!

Ease of use, interactive interaction and user-friendly interface make the device a convenient, popular and effective means of communication with customers.
High-performance LCD screen, multi-sensor & waterproof surface, NFC option allows you to use the device in many fields of business, public places, HoReCa as well as for educational purposes. 


Where to use 

  • Restaurants, hotel sector and cafe

Allows to involve the consumer in a bright interactive menu, share information about special offers.

  • Exhibitions and presentations

Provides information to the client about the products and services of the company in a clear, by the light of natural form.

  • Public places: banks, insurance companies, airports, bus stations, etc.

The waiting process in the queue can become much. It is more useful if you are acquainted with the client with suggestions for an interactive table.

  • • Design offices and design studios

Allows you to automatically download and display a drawing draught and introduce the project to the clients.


Look through technical datasheets to find out more about technical product features

  • • Built-in interactive capabilities for interaction with the clients
  • • All-in-one: ready-made solution with Prestigio software for the distribution of content, remote administration, monitoring and analysis
    results of an advertising campaign
  • • The stunning FHD display provides bright clear images and visual effects
  • • Protected case: durable aluminum body, reinforced with 5 mm tempered glass and waterproof coating  that allows you to use the device in
    public places, without fear of damage to it
  • • Ability to use in business filed and for entertainment purposes
  • • Multi-touch: 10-point multisensor - capacitive multitouch with support for multipoint input. The best reaction to the fingers, strength, reliability
    durability, no need to use protective films as on resistive screens.
  • • NFC option: contactless data exchange between devices, for example, for contactless cards

Interactive Digital Signage Content Management System (IDS CMS)


Interactive Prestigio AddReality is a multi-tenant platform which allows creation, management, and distribution of content in digital signage networks. It features convenient functions for administration and analytics, including details of the average visitor depending on gender and age of your customers.

Learn more about Prestigio Addreality Software 


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