Prestigio RFID Centralized platform

RFID technology Your assistant in business! And the decision which will help you to earn!

  1. Hardware - the RFID hardware from world leaders for the solution to your problem, expeditious deliveries, full compatibility with external systems

  2. Program platform - the software will help to introduce means of radio-frequency identification and to operate them more quickly and effectively

  3. Services - the selection of the equipment, modification of the software for needs of the customer, installation of all components and technical support of the established RFID complex

  •       • The equipment from the leading manufacturers

           • The solution of any problems by means of the high-quality equipment with a work duration guarantee

  •        • Integrated RFID system of accounting and control

           • For creation of any RFID solutions, management and data collection from stationary and mobile RFID readers

  •        • 100% accuracy in online inventory 

           • Will increase efficiency and accuracy of work of a stock, will reduce number of mistakes when forming the order

  •        • Statistics, monitoring, notification

           • Optimization of business processes at the expense of useful statistics, promt collecting of data, notifications about movement of goods

  •        • Consulting and introduction

           • The help in the solution of such questions - How to optimize costs of RFID, what equipment and RFID tags to use, what technology to apply?


  Readers                  Antennas                 Printers                       Portals                          Tags


  • • minimization of storage expenses

  • • fast shipment and acceptance of goods

  • • enhance the effectiveness of sales

  • • develop customer services

  • • fast inventory

  • • protection against thefts (the goods with a tag quickly are found in someone's bag / backpack)

  • • control of goods movement

  • • control of personnel movement

  • • assembly and execution of orders with the smallest temporary and human resources

  • • the tag can both be established quickly, and to remove quickly

  • • possibility of drawing up and maintaining statistics and reports on goods, using the automatic database

  • • ability to integrate system practically with any database



Smart fitting rooms

The license for the Prestigio of RFID Smart Dressing module - is intended for interactive interaction of the user, increase in the buyer's average check, and collecting useful statistics


Smart shelves

The license for the Prestigio of RFID Smart Shelves module - is intended for the organization of smart shelves in the shop or other rooms, for buyers comfort  and collecting useful statistics


Statistics and informed management in real time

  1. • 100% the accuracy of warehouse stocks online 

  2. • Information on goods movement 

  3. • Information on employees movement 

  4. • Information about cross-country goods

  5. • Prevention if goods are not in the place and are not on the shelf

  6. • Informing on the shortage of goods and overstock