Solution for home and remote education

 Back to home: effective and engaging solution for distance learning

Effective and fun home based learning with Prestigio devices

Prestigio Solution for E-learning allows you to deliver lessons for the entire class regardless of circumstances and external factors. It is possible to ensure that learning will remain interesting and varied ensuring engagement for both students and teachers.



Prestigio Solutions for Home and Remote learning

                     The teacher conducts classes remotely


Children learn from home




How does it work for teachers:



The teacher delivers an online lesson using YouTube or via Skype, Teams, etc. Multiboard also provides:

  • • Pre-installed Mozabook Classroom educational software (e-books, exercises, tasks, 3d models, etc.) with a default license for a year;
  • Drawing "on top" of any information directly on the Multiboard with instant display of changes on the screens of students. Available by default using the Multi-Pens included;
  • Parallel broadcast of the teacher from the web-camera according to the “picture-in-picture” model for the best presentation of material. Available using Skype, Teams or another convenient application - preinstalled Windows 10 Pro OS allows you to download software directly from the Windows Store;
  • Distribution of materials for homework directly from Multiboard without leaving the class, as well as interaction with students through group chats;
  • • Parallel recording of lessons with a simple ability to edit and add information directly to the video file! Licensed software is preinstalled and ready to work



Get Microsoft Teams free for your entire school

Microsoft Teams - a platform that combines chats, meetings, notes, attachments and webinars. Now educational institutions can get O365 and Teams for FREE to organize the process of remote learning. You can get access to the service by filling out the registration form



How does it work for the students:

Students connect to the teacher’s video stream using a device based on any operational system!

  • • Receive information electronically
  • • Can ask a question on-line
  • • Receive E-Learning tasks for homework
  • • Can watch a recorded lessons at a convenient time
  • • They can solve tests, answer questions “at the blackboard” and receive feedback and grades


Get a complete solution to be able to organise and deliver E-Learning


  • • Great solution for both: in-class and distance learning
  • • Managing student's devices remotely from Multiboard
  • • Stream Multiboard screen to any device and any OS


  • • Special tools and apps to make learning process engaging and interesting
  • • Full control over students and progress (class and homework, evaluating knowlege)
  • • Latest textbooks on different subjects are included


  • • Consultations from our specialists
  • • Recommendations for creating the most conducive educational environment
  • • Training for teachers


For teachers:

Prestigio Multiboard for interactive classroom

  • • Diagonal: 55-98"
  • • Resolution: UHD
  • • Operating System: Windows 10 Pro + Android
  • • Multitouch: 20 touch points, 10 writing points
  • • Processor: Intel Core i5/i7


For students:

Prestigio All-in-One

  • • Diagonal: 17,3"
  • • Operating System: Windows 10 Pro
  • • Multitouch: 10 touch points
  • • Front camera: 2.0MP
  • • Built-in battery: 2500 mAh


Multiboard for kids

  • • Diagonal: 43"
  • • Resolution: UHD
  • • Operating System: Android 5.1
  • • Multitouch: 10 touch points, 2 writing points
  • • Processor: ARM Cortex A53


Prestigio Tablets:

  • • Diagonal: 7-10.1"
  • • Operating System: Android
  • • RAM: 1-3 GB
  • • Internal memory: 8-32 GB



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