Staff management portal based on Microsoft cutting-edge technologies

HR service automation using Microsoft Office 365 technologies. Online portal designed for HR department with remote access from any device.


Is it relevant to your team?

  • • You are in charge of personnel management in international company.
  • • Your team speaks different languages.
  • • Your task is to provide employees with key information and control over the company regulations, rules and policies observance, but your staff is not aware of appropriate documents location.
  • • You do the best to solve conflicts as quickly as possible. But often you see it's too late when the situation went too far.
  • • You don’t work comfortably being limited by office space and time zones.


There is a solution. MyHR web-portal is designed to help HR departments of local and international companies with geographically distributed office locations to manage mono- and multilingual teams. This specialized staff management solution based on Microsoft technologies will provide you with the exciting opportunities:

  • • Secure storage for your documents in a structured form with search ability and access rights segregation. Working on the same time with other managers you will be able to edit common documents, track changes makers and keep the history of updates.
  • • Tools for rapid communication with employees in protected mode by any way , including messenger, audio and video conference or e-mail message.
  • • Personnel training without necessity to visit or gather them at the same place. You can make survey and further testing online; event will be recorded for future analytics and re-use.
  • • Ability to choose interface language for every single user.
  • • Any amount of documents and emails can be stored because you will not be limited by hard drive of your PC or server any more.

This solution can be implemented without stopping the business processes and provided as a subscription.

It’s only a part of the portal features. All other options will be configured especially for your business processes.


  • • HR Knowledge base: creation of necessary document and library sets, FAQ, questionnaires and surveys for full and quick integration of the new employee in company processes. Online coaching!
  • • HR Help Desk: automation of vacation and day-off requests, sick leave notifications, etc.
  • • Employees: automated creation and storage of staff members’ personal files, documents archiving.
  • • Staff members' applications confirmation or refusal: automated signatures collection, documents approval, claims acceptance or rejection.
  • • Optional​:
    •       • Employee progress monitoring.
    •       • Interview automation.
    •       • Closed corporate social network.


Project implementation stages.

  • • Joint development of corporate portal and user access permission system.
  • • Deployment of portal based on Microsoft Sharepoint onlinе, users connecting and assigning them appropriate rights and roles.
  • • Microsoft Skype for Business online video conference service launch and users training for using the portal and Skype for Business.
  • • Microsoft Exchange online mail system deployment, users connection; mailboxes migration to Microsoft cloud if necessary.
  • • Training employees to work with Office online and OneNote.