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Suppliers news

December 27, 2006
Samsung Electronics announced that it has developed the industry’s first one gigabit (Gb) Mobile DRAM for mobile products, using 80nm process technology. The new chip, also known as low-power DDR or synchronous DRAM, will be more cost effective than other high density mobile solutions and used for a wide range of advanced handset applications as well as for digital still cameras, portable media players and portable gaming products.
December 20, 2006
PowerColor and Arctic Cooling will launch in the first quarter of 2007 a solution for PowerColor's X1950 Pro and X1950 XT passive cards, which are claimed to be the fastest passive cards in the world, according to DigiTimes. The new passive cooler can reportedly keep the X1950 Pro at 63C° while ATI's reference card can be cooled to 67C°. The products based on the X1905 Pro and XT cards are expected to be priced at about US$10 more than existing cards.
December 19, 2006
The NET Drive, an elegant and compact device for personal Internet and Intranet storage of up to 750GB, released by Prestigio in September 2006, received the “Recommended” award from the editors of high-profile Slovak PC Revue magazine. This portable device provides autonomous FTP server capability, web browser management user interface, multi-protocol support for TCP/IP, HTTP, FTP; as well as support for DHCP/Fixed IP address, and USB 2.0 High interface for maximum data transfer rates.
December 18, 2006
Transcend announced the release of the world’s highest speed 1GB DDR2 800 Non-ECC Unbuffered SO-DIMM memory modules. The new modules have a huge capacity, and were specially designed and engineered for speed, reliability and extreme performance. All of these attributes make these modules perfect for use in high performance notebooks and also perfect for Microsoft’s new generation Windows Vista operation system.
December 18, 2006
LITE-ON IT CORP. released the fastest ATAPI / E-IDE DVD Writer in the world: 20X Super AllWrite Drive LH-20A1P. It only takes around 5 minutes to backup 4.7 GB data on an excellent single layer 16X DVD+R or DVD-R media at 20X maximum. LH-20A1P also has innovative SMART-WRITE technology: through this drive's self-learning function, LH-20A1P will automatically detect and decide the optimal write strategy of DVD recordable media.
December 15, 2006
Prestigio Technologies Ltd. announced the release of a new widescreen 19-inch monitor Prestigio P3190W. This advanced monitor features a Glare Type WXGA panel offering true-to-life super sharp image with 500:1 contrast ratio and a smooth reproduction of fast-moving scenes with an impressive response time of just 5 ms. The monitor is fully suitable for efficient office work and active home entertainment, including movies and gaming.
December 14, 2006
Prestigio Technologies Ltd. released a new advanced widescreen 20-inch monitor Prestigio P5200W. This stylish monitor features fast Glare Type panel with WSXGA+ resolution and expanded viewing angles. This next-generation LCD monitor is ideal for displaying complex graphics and high definition images, as well as for various everyday work and entertainment needs. It also enables users to benefit from new exciting Windows Vista™ features.
December 13, 2006
Canyon has rolled out a complete new line of multimedia speaker systems which can be used for a wide range of audio devices like MP3 players, DVD players, CD players, Walkmans, notebooks and PCs. All models offer high quality sound and a great price. The clear and powerful sound provides an extra dimension to your music or game.
December 05, 2006
Transcend announced the entirely new T.sonic™ 630 series of MP3 players. The new T.sonic 630 is a versatile MP3 Player that is designed to play MP3, WMA, WMA-DRM10 (subscription music) and recorded WAV music files. In addition, the T.sonic 630 has impressive extra features such as an FM Radio, recording using its Built-in Microphone, an External Microphone, or Line-In device. Transcend’s T.sonic 630 also has a Playlist Builder, Real Time Clock and Karaoke-type Lyrics display, which encourages users to sing-along by displaying the lyrics of a song on the screen.
December 05, 2006
For some time now, Kingmax has been the leading international brand for flash memory and DRAM module products. Its insistence on product quality has always been the benchmark of confidence for consumer recognition worldwide. Proprietary semiconductor PIP packaging technology has also given Kingmax flash memory products many unique features, including waterproofing, heat resistance and stress resistance.
November 30, 2006
The new device features elegant leather coating, high capacity, additional security and easy back-up functions. The new product is immediately available at Prestigio’s local dealers across Central and Eastern Europe, Middle East and Africa.
November 29, 2006
Seagate announced that its Savvio 2.5-inch small form factor enterprise hard drives have achieved unprecedented levels of adoption among leading system suppliers and solution builders. The rapid adoption rate of this innovative solution marks a new trend in the enterprise as a shift from the 3.5-inch to the 2.5-inch form factor accelerates. Whether in blade servers, compact 1U, 2U, or larger 3U or 4U servers, or storage arrays, Savvio drives enable cooler-running systems that deliver higher performance and greater reliability than those based on conventional 3.5-inch 10K-rpm enterprise drives.
November 21, 2006
AMD introduced an innovative graphics card that makes use of its new native CrossFire™ technology, the ATI Radeon® X1650 XT. With its incredible image quality features and superb performance, the ATI Radeon X1650 XT delivers enthusiast-class technology at an impressive price point. The ATI Radeon X1650 XT enables a breathtaking gaming experience, as the graphics card has the ability to enable High Dynamic Range effects and anti-aliasing at the same time. Sharp texture filtering captures every element and detail of each scene.
November 17, 2006
Transcend released its brand-new USB2.0 Flash Drive, the JetFlash™ 180, which is Transcend’s first USB Flash Drive with a stainless steel body. With its fingerprint-resistant stainless steel body, the JetFlash 180 will be appreciated by those who enjoy the finer things in life. The JetFlash 180 is built using Hi-Speed SLC NAND-type Flash (Read 10~12MB/s, Write 8MB/s) and is engineered using top quality components to ensure better performance and a longer lifespan.
November 16, 2006
Many people thought 16x would be the maximum writing speed for DVD, but after the introduction of 18x DVD rewriters, Lite-On IT increases the industry standard even further by releasing the world's first 20x DVD rewriters. With the introduction of two new internal DVD rewriters, the LH-20A1P and LH-20A1H, Lite-On IT is the first ODD manufacturer that boosts writing speeds up to 20x, reaching the fastest ever recording times for DVD media.
November 16, 2006
With advances in digital technology, powerful multimedia audio/video functions bring endless fun to everyday living. Today, digital cameras and DV camcorders are capable of recording high definition images, providing us the convenient luxury of eternally preserving that extraordinary moment anytime, anywhere. However, to record these high-definition images, especially the ever-popular 1080P images, large-capacity storage is required, frequently in terms of gigabytes. Thus, storing such massive amounts of data has become an urgent problem to be resolved for many consumers.
November 09, 2006
Prestigio Technologies Ltd. announced the release of a unique digital product for mobile users -- Prestigio Notebook Pack. The Notebook Pack is a trendy set of eight add-on accessories which make user’s work with a notebook extremely comfortable and drastically expand the notebook’s connectivity options. This sleekly designed set offers an ideal blend of functionality and style, and makes a much desired gift for any mobile user.
November 08, 2006
Hard drive giant Seagate has taken the dramatic step of dropping eSys as a global distribution partner following its alleged refusal to co-operate with an audit of point of sale records. The US-based vendor has already ceased shipments of its products to eSys. Singapore-based eSys was previously Seagate’s largest distribution partner and represented 6% of its revenues — equivalent to a massive US$168m — for the three months to the end of September.
November 03, 2006
The memory card specification competition has raged since the advent of digital cameras up to present-day mobile phone devices. But by 2007, a uniform standard may be in the works, with microSD for mobile phones dominating the entire card-slot mobile phone user market! What makes microSD so attractive that it has mobile phone makers going all out to launch corresponding mobile phones?
November 01, 2006
Lite-On IT communicated that the news article announcing Lite-On IT exiting the consumer ODD business with its own brand on DigiTimes, has lead to an unfortunate misinterpretation of facts. Being the world’s 2nd largest ODD manufacturer, Lite-On IT will definitely not stop ODD products, DVD- and CD burners. The news release on DigiTimes will only affect the company’s standalone DVD recorders product line. The ODD products will follow up the original promotion plan to co-work with the current distributors or retailer channels as usual.
October 30, 2006
Prestigio Digital Media Adapter DMA-301 is an innovative device which bridges the home PC with the existing home TV and audio system via wireless local area network connections. This wireless state-of-the-art product is intended for home users who want to access digital media files through the existing entertainment system, and without drilling holes in the wall for setting up a local network connection.
October 24, 2006
Hitachi GST announced that its Deskstar T7K250 3.5-inch hard drive has been named the “Best Hard Disk Drive 2006” by Computer Shopper magazine in its annual award ceremony held in London. Judged by a panel of storage experts against 11 other Parallel-ATA (PATA) hard disks, the Deskstar T7K250 was declared the best among its peers in reliability, value and performance. It produced the best result in the large file read test and scored consistently well elsewhere.
October 19, 2006
TUL Corporation announced the PowerColor X1950 PRO 256/512MB with ARCTIC COOLING. The X1950 PRO features the first-ever GPU manufactured at 80nm fabrication process and the new CrossFireTM Bridge Interconnect. The new product is targeted at gamers needing a graphics card that runs graphic-intensive games with quiet cooling at a reasonable price.
October 17, 2006
The 16GB JetFlash 2A combines large capacity, performance, and style in a device that slips into your pocket and can help you manage your active work life. Transcend’s 16GB JetFlash 2A is a hi-speed USB 2.0 Flash Drive, thus it has superior Read/Write speeds that is up to 25/20 MB per second. The JetFlash 2A not only performs brilliantly and looks great, it also comes bundled with some very useful software applications that can help you increase your productivity.
October 13, 2006
Seagate announced that it will ship a 1.5 terabyte version of its Maxtor OneTouch III Turbo Edition external hard disk drive. The new drive ships this month for $799.99. The Onetouch III Turbo Edition is pre-formatted for Mac users and comes with FireWire 800, FireWire 400 and USB 2.0 interfaces. Inside the drive enclosure are two 750GB hard disk drive mechanisms configured together in a RAID array for a total capacity of 1.5TB.
October 02, 2006
Following the latest trend in personal audio, Canyon Technology unveiled a state-of-the-art Multimedia MP3 Player CN-MPV1. This lightweight and attractive device supports mp3, wma, wav, jpg, amv and txt files. Its 65K colors CSTN display makes it perfect for viewing photos and playing movie files (amv). The super slim housing is made of stainless steel. Canyon claims to be the first vendor to offer such a complete multimedia MP3 Player at an affordable price.
September 27, 2006
Kingston Technology Company announced it will begin producing the new Secure Digital High-Capacity (SDHC) Class 2 card and enhance the function of its existing 15-in-1 Reader to support the growing storage demands of high performance digital still cameras, digital video cameras and other high resolution image recording devices. The new SDHC memory cards are available now in 4GB capacities with a retail price of $199.00 USD through Kingston’s global network of resellers.
September 25, 2006
Prestigio has a new offering for its technologically advanced customers – its 15.4-inch widescreen Nobile 1522W notebook based on the latest breakthrough Intel® Core™2 Duo technology. This cutting-edge mobile technology provides twice the multitasking performance while using 28 percent less power so you get the benefit of a powerful dual-core notebook plus all the benefits of mobility.
September 20, 2006
Promise Technology announced its new Ultra 320 SCSI to Serial ATA (SATA) RAID 6 storage systems for Small to Medium Business (SMB) deploying direct attached storage for various high capacity applications. Available immediately through the company’s distribution network, the Promise VTrak™ M210p and M310p U320 SCSI to SATA RAID 6 2U 8 and 12 bay rackmount storage systems deliver resilient and advanced data protection features that proactively monitor drive status and reduce RAID rebuild time.
September 18, 2006
Hitachi GST announced an areal density achievement of 345 gigabits per square inch (Gbits/sq. in.) using perpendicular magnetic recording technology. This areal density represents an increase of more than two-and-a-half times the areal density of today's highest-capacity products. By 2009, Hitachi predicts that 345 Gbits/sq. in. would result in a two-terabyte (TB) 3.5-inch desktop drive, a 400-gigabyte (GB) 2.5-inch notebook drive or a 200-GB 1.8-inch drive.
September 07, 2006
Transcend Information, Inc. announced the release of the world’s highest performance 512M/1GB DDR2 1066 MHz Non-ECC Unbuffered DIMM memory modules. With only 1.18” in height, this module can easily fit in any desktop and computer system. This super memory is specially designed for computer gamers and high-end users, and it supports Intel and AMD platforms that use DDR2-1066 modules.
August 31, 2006
Prestigio Technologies unveiled today a new product line targeted at mainstream consumer and corporate markets – Network Storage products. Prestigio line of Network Storage will focus on Network Attached Storage (NAS) solutions which will combine products that provide multi-user data access via local networks. NAS enables users to share large amounts of various data between different devices in Digital Home or Office environments.
August 29, 2006
Prestigio Technologies announced the release of a unique digital entertainment product for mobile users - Prestigio Portable Multimedia Recorder PMR-701. The new device enables users to watch videos and listen to entire music albums no matter where they go. With the PMR, you can watch movies or view photos «on the go», record video or static frames from external A/V sources such as TV, VCR, or camcorder, and much more.
August 28, 2006
Kingmax announced the release of a new mobile phone miniSD memory card with 2GB of storage. According to the press release, “With this amount of memory a mobile phone can store more than 500 MP3 files, equal to about 50 compact discs. Listen to your favorite songs whenever and wherever you want. The Kingmax miniSD memory card with 2GB of storage can satisfy your appetite for digital A/V.”
August 22, 2006
Promise Technology, Inc. announced SuperTrak EX4350 and EX12350, the newest native PCIe additions to the SuperTrak EX series SATA controllers. SuperTrak EX4350 and EX12350, 4 and 12 port respectively, are RAID 6 controllers supporting SATA 3Gb/s data transfer rate, and complete the Promise SuperTrak SATA RAID controller portfolio with 4, 8, 12 and 16 ports.
August 15, 2006
Intel informed its channel partners that it plans to stop manufacturing four desktop-use Pentium D processors (model numbers 830, 840, 930 and 940) by the end of 2006. The latest date to accept orders for these four Pentium D CPUs is set on December 15, 2006. Taking out the four Pentium D CPUs from the market, Intel will facilitate the migration to Core 2 Duo processors.
July 24, 2006
Advanced Micro Devices Inc., the world's second-biggest semiconductor maker, agreed to buy ATI Technologies Inc. for $5.4 billion, adding computer-graphics chips to its product lineup. AMD is buying the largest maker of computer graphics chips for notebook computers, helping it win more orders from computer makers such as Dell Inc. and Hewlett-Packard Co.
July 14, 2006
Memory card specifications supported by digital products today vary – digital cameras mainly use SD, mobile phones use microSD, while Sony products only support Memory Stick. Now, Kingmax is offering the new multi-function microSD card to resolve this dilemma – Kingmax Multi-function microSD Card for Easy All-In-One Digital Enjoyment
June 14, 2006
Seagate Technology introduced a breakthrough way for consumers, creative pros and small business owners to quickly find, share, organize, view and enjoy their digital content and files. The new Maxtor Fusion(tm) personal media solution from Seagate provides one safe, central location on your network to hold large amounts of digital photos, videos, music and documents...
April 11, 2006
Two leading Taiwanese Optical Disk Drive (ODD) manufacturers, Lite-On IT and BenQ, announced a strategic alliance today. Lite-On IT would become BenQ’s manufacturing outsourcing partner in optical storage products besides Sony and NEC. This would also elevate Taiwan’s leading position in the industry worldwide. BenQ will continue to cultivate its branded business and build a win-win partnership with Lite-On IT.
February 13, 2006
Prestigio Technologies, one of the most dynamic international vendors of state-of-the-art mobile computers, display products and mobile storage devices, today unveiled two new business-class 17” and 19” LCD multimedia monitors from the newly introduced mainstream 5th Series. The new monitors are expected to hit the stores throughout the countries of Central and Eastern Europe, Middle East and Africa by the end of February.
January 31, 2006
Kingston® Technology Company, Inc. has developed a partnership with several of the world's most respected photographers to develop a forum on its Web site to educate and inspire photographers everywhere – professional and enthusiast. "Icons of Photography" showcases the photography of several world-class photographers and their tips, techniques and advice for taking better pictures.
Each month, Kingston will spotlight a new Icon who will provide interesting advice and anecdotes for taking better pictures and share how they successfully navigate through the new and exciting world of digital imaging, storage, and workflow. Each photographer will explain his or her unique process of preparing for and capturing their subjects as well as moving, sharing, and protecting their photographs after the shoot.
January 31, 2006
Prestigio Technologies announced the release of the new Prestigio Visconte 1300 notebook PC based on the latest Intel® Centrino® Duo mobile platform.
January 25, 2006
Seagate Technology, the world's largest maker of computer hard-disk drives, said its biggest revenue driver in the next 18 months will be digital set-top boxes that record TV shows, Chief Executive Bill Watkins said Thursday.
January 13, 2006
Seagate Technology announced it has been honored with the title of "2006 Company of the Year" in the January 9 issue of Forbes Magazine. In selecting Seagate as its cover story, Forbes lauds the company's performance against that of 1,000 other publicly traded companies and ranked Seagate as the best of the best.
January 11, 2006
Seagate Technology, a producer of hard disk drives with operations in Longmont, won the "Best Design of the Year" award from Electronic Design Magazine for its Barracuda 7200.9 500GB Serial ATA (SATA) hard drive. Electronic Design readers nominated various desktop PC hard drives for the award and the magazine's editors selected Barracuda 7200.9 500GB Serial ATA as the best.
January 05, 2006
Kingston® Technology Company, Inc., announced its major support of the growing U.S. multifunction mobile or "Smartphone" market with the release of microSD expansion memory cards as well as larger capacity miniSD and MMCmobile cards, all shipping immediately.
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