The amount of spam messages is increasing, and it hinders work greatly.

Viruses spread by attackers via e-mail are able to eliminate the most valuable commercial information in one moment.

Free mail services are regularly hacked, important information can get to competitors.

There is no backup, there is no guarantee of correspondence safety after dismissal of the employee.

Do you think that own e-mail server is too expensive?

Use business-class email!


How and What  


How to solve the problem?

Use of business class e-mail service will give continuous access to e-mail, contacts and calendars from any device and from any place in the world, will provide full control over all information and reliable protection against attacks, viruses and spam.

Our solution

Subscription to the business-class email service Exchange Online with built-in feature of Exchange Online Protection, as well as the option of additional protection Exchange Online
Advanced Threat Protection (ATP).



Benefits of our solutions

Availability of the service is 99.9% of the time.

Protection against viruses, spam and data loss.

Own domain name of the company - @company.ru - for the addresses of your employees.

Mailboxes of 50 GB for each employee and the ability to send emails with attachments up to 25 MB.

Automatic email archive with unlimited size.

Feature of recovering deleted messages, even if they are completely deleted from the trash.

Daily backup and strict privacy policy.

Shared calendars and address book.

Mobile clients for Windows, Android and iPhone.


Additional benefits of Exchange Online ATP
Secure links.
The component Safe Links scans all emails received by the server and blocks malicious links inside them.
Secure attachments.
The component Safe Attachments runs all suspicious files attached to emails in a special secure environment to protect the work environment also from viruses that are not yet in the database.
Statistics and reporting
on all attacks and suspicious activities in the network. Tracing of messages and suspicious URL-addresses.