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September 11, 2023
At this year’s Hot Chips event, Intel provided the first in-depth look at its next-generation Intel® Xeon® product lineup, built on a new, innovative platform architecture. Intel’s next-gen server platform in 2024 will deliver strong P-core performance for critical workloads, including AI, and innovative E-core efficiency to compete in the cloud.
September 07, 2023
ASBIS has expanded Ubiquiti's product line by adding Ubiquiti Cloud Key Enterprise solution. This powerful solution offers an easy way to streamline operations, improve security, and optimize network performance. ASBIS is now ready to deliver this solution to more than 25 countries.
August 30, 2023
Dell Technologies has pulled back the curtains on its latest Alienware gaming display, the AW2524HF, featuring cutting-edge technology such as AMD Freesync Premium and an impressive refresh rate of up to 500Hz.
August 04, 2023
Intel adds two new Intel Arc Pro graphics processing units to its lineup — Intel® Arc™ Pro A60 and Pro A60M as new members of the Intel® Arc™ Pro A-series professional range of graphics processing units (GPUs).
July 25, 2023
ASBIS has achieved the highest tier of partnership and has been granted Elite status by Ubiquiti, a global leader in managed WiFi systems and networking infrastructure. This recognition is a result of ASBIS' fruitful cooperation and high efficiency as a distributor.
July 06, 2023
Adopting a zero trust framework is a big decision: As the threat landscape evolves, organizations need to adopt a comprehensive platform to achieve cyber resilience but, which does not limit essential productivity functions and enables organizations to meet regulatory and compliance mandates. Accomplishing all this is not an easy task, and the technology you choose will play a significant role in the success of your security investments — now and for years to come.
July 05, 2023
These new models offer up to 40% higher performance, 30% more inline compression to maximize storage capacity, and enhanced protection against ransomware via non-disruptive upgrade
June 22, 2023
PowerEdge now offers servers that can be easily installed in or outside the data center. They also include a range of GPU-optimized models that can support a variety of AI use cases from AI to edge and telecom.
June 22, 2023
The new product line of network technologies from Ubiquiti is available with ASBIS for more than 25 countries.
June 21, 2023
With the launch of 4th Gen Intel® Xeon® Scalable processors in January 2023, Intel delivered significant advancements in performance with industry-leading Intel accelerator engines and improved performance per watt across key workloads like AI, data analytics, high performance computing (HPC) and others.
June 12, 2023
New Class of AI Supercomputer Connects 256 Grace Hopper Superchips Into Massive, 1-Exaflop, 144TB GPU for Giant Models Powering Generative AI, Recommender Systems, Data Processing
June 05, 2023
Create. Visualize. Inspire. The Next Generation of Professional Graphics.
May 31, 2023
At Microsoft’s Build 2023 conference, Intel and Microsoft are previewing the AI-enabled capabilities of Intel’s upcoming Meteor Lake client PC processors.
May 25, 2023
Experience unprecedented performance, visuals, and efficiency for gaming and streaming in 1080p with the AMD Radeon™ RX 7600 graphics card, powered by RDNA™ 3 architecture.
May 18, 2023
With Up To 480 Cores, 32TB of Memory, and 12 GPUs, These Systems Can Power Generative AI on SAP and Oracle Workflows in Real Time
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