Websites on Microsoft Azure

This is flexible, scalable and rapidly deployable solution for web sites and applications hosting and development. It combines a power of supercomputer with security, speed and elasticity of cloud resources.


Websites in one click with backup and scalability

This solution is developed for the following challenges

  • • Website failed due to lack of resources during the boost of attendance
  • • Large payments for resources reserved for future growth
  • • Risk of data loss from the website
  • • DDoS attacks


Microsoft Azure is a reliable platform for hosting websites  


Many SMB companies develop and host their web websites in-house. But some time later they outgrow this approach when they experience bandwidth and accessibility issues and new hardware high cost to meet increased demand.

Scalability may be especially relevant for businesses that face peaks of website usage, such as seasonal online sales.

Azure is open and flexible cloud platform that enables you to build, deploy, and manage websites in global datacenters network managed by Microsoft. Websites hosting on Microsoft Azure allows you to use a fully-managed cloud infrastructure that can scale as necessary to maintain the highest peak loads. 

Microsoft Azure gives you is a great opportunity to build and develop your business assisting the customers to move their websites into cloud. You can manage your customers’ websites with the same well-known tools across on-premises and cloud environments.

Protected against DDoS attacks and failures Adds resources automatically during peak loads Allows to pay for consumed resources only Guarantees continuous accessibility and website data backup


Azure Services used

  • • Azure SQL Database

Cloud database service that allows to migrate your SQL Server databases because connection to database is a technical requirement for all modern web sites actually. 

  • • Application Insights

This service detects and diagnoses possible problems with your site, both in terms of code and accessibility. It monitors cloud and on-premises websites providing application management and instant analytics. 

  •  • Content Delivery Network

Secure delivery and broad acceleration of necessary content to any device. It helps to reduce load times and increase responsiveness of the web site  by moving content closer to users. It  includes the highest certification by the FedRAMP Joint Authorization Board (JAB).

  • • Redis Cache

This easy to manage service gives you an access to dedicated Redis cache supporting your website responsiveness even as customer load increases. 

Create of modern website in a few seconds  

Easy to start

  • • Free account to get started (up to 10 web websites)
  • • Horizontal and vertical scaling
  • • Automatic load balancing

Easy to develop

  • • Availability of ASP, ASP.NET, PHP, Node.js and other FastCGI Handler
  • • SQL DB and MySQL
  • • Development for Windows, OSX, Linux

Quick to publish

  • • Just a few iterations for deployment
  • • Integration with VS Online and Git
  • • Built-in performance tracking
  • • Quick and easy access to diagnostic tools (IIS, HTTP,  Failed Requests)



  • • Websites

Scalable and reliable solution for creating websites.

  • • Digital marketing

Development of small applications to achieve short-term marketing goals.

Identification of users through popular social media channels like Twitter, Facebook, Yahoo.

  • • Enterprise web-applications

Development of enterprise applications in the cloud with local resources accessibility.

Identification of corporate users through Azure Active Directory.

  • • Platform for PaaS/Saas solutions

Create private cloud using Windows Azure Pack.

Develop SaaS applications based on the Microsoft Azure platform.