Accelstor Storage

Building upon its expertise in software and storage technology, AccelStor is devoted to unleashing the true performance of flash-based storage solutions with a software-defined approach. To bring the benefits of accelerated data access and low total cost of ownership (TCO) to the world, AccelStor has developed an exclusive FlexiRemap software technology that enables its storage arrays to achieve unparalleled scalability, performance, and efficiency in the same grade as such products. AccelStor has always aimed to achieve genuine storage efficiency, focusing on developing FlexiRemap flash memory acceleration technology in order to provide optimum storage performance for enterprise applications including high performance computing (HPC), media production and cloud solutions. 

The main Accelstor product is named NeoSapphire All-Flash Array Series: 

Powered by all-flash array and AccelStor exclusive FlexiRemap technology, the NeoSapphire series features significantly high IOPS even for 4K random writes. With up to 600K IOPS, the NeoSapphire series significantly reduces time of data access and processing, power consumption, space utilization, and beyond.

AccelStor adopts a true "software-defined" approach to designing all-flash arrays. AccelStor goal is to provide cost-effective all-flash storage with powerful performance for any scenario. It’s the great solution for virtualization, enterprise clouds and datacenters. 

NeoSapphire Series include:


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