Analytics-driven security

Most unified endpoint management products on the market, including BlackBerry® UEM, place a policy on the device or within the application that tells the device or app what the security policy should be. While this works, it is very rigid, such that you would have the same profile when working at the office as you would when traveling.

BlackBerry® Intelligent Security solution, built on the BlackBerry Spark Platform, solves this problem with what we call “analytics-driven” security. BlackBerry Intelligent Security models the unique BlackBerry analytics data that is derived from our secure containers and our NOC combined with spatial data to determine a real-time risk score that adapts the security policy for the user to create the best experience.

BlackBerry Intelligent Security Benefits

Increased Endpoint Security

  • • Decreases the risk that comes with lost devices
  • • Ensures that devices/app cloning is virtually impossible
  • • Detects and remediates behavior that can lead to data loss - whether intentional or not

Enhanced End User Experience

  • • Adapts security and policy posture to actual context, versus applying only static policies
  • • For example, enabling “zero sign-in” and/or increasing timeouts if it is a low-risk pattern in high-trust location

Improved Productivity and Reduced Cost

  • • Streamlined access to apps and services for users
  • • Builds on existing investments in BlackBerry® UEM. BlackBerry® Dynamics™, and BlackBerry EID

Risk Score Factors: How it Works

In addition to the adaptive policy, the Machine Learning capability of BlackBerry Intelligent Security enables the system to identify behavioral and location patterns of multiple users to determine location risk. For example, if the system identifies repeated patterns of large clusters of employees in the same location it can automatically determine that as a work location, or if the business chooses to, it can preload known locations.

BlackBerry Intelligent Security uses a range of other factors to decide what level of access should be granted to an employee or contractor profile at any given moment, such as:

  • Behavioral location: BlackBerry Intelligent Security looks at the frequency and patterns of users, based on predictive analysis of anonymized location data to determine a location-based risk score.
  • Network Trust: BlackBerry Intelligent Security determines the frequency of network use and adjusts security dynamically based on that profile. Accessing a public Wi-Fi for the first time would adjust the risk score accordingly.
  • Time & Usage Anomalies*: BlackBerry Intelligent Security integrates seamlessly with other identity providers and systems as BlackBerry’s proven security infrastructure to enable all data to be securely and easily shared.
  • Device and App DNA*: BlackBerry Intelligent Security has the ability to determine whether the Device and Apps are compliant and up to date, and can adjust the security policy based on the Device and App DNA profile.

Using BlackBerry Intelligent Security, IT can dynamically adapt the security requirements and behavior of enterprise devices and apps to each user’s real-world experience.

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