Booking meeting rooms solution

Easy-to-use solution for booking meeting rooms and controlling the schedule based on Prestigio All-in-One


Do you know this situation when you invite a VIP customer and discover that meeting room is occupied? We are ready to provide you with a reliable solution for remote meeting room schedule management using your corporate tools.




Benefits for your business




Increase the status of the company

Stylish multitouch All in One panels display any type of information: meeting room status, schedule, static and video content. Status of the meeting room highlighted with different colors on the screen. Inbuilt motion detection sensor will turn on the panel when someone approach. And it all syncs with your calendar in real time.





Effective upgrade for your business processes.

Book meeting rooms and control your schedule with different corporate communication tools (integration with Office 365, Microsoft Exchange) or even from your mobile phone. 






Plan together with your foreign colleagues

Software of the solution provides multilanguage support. So it's convenient to use even for your foreign colleagues and partners when planning meetings at your office.



Start to use immediately

Build your booking platform around our secure, enterprise class solution that needs the least amount of hardware in office of any company.




Solution from the box

You get a solution that easily integrates into an existing enterprise system. It will work stably just when connected to your local Internet network even if there are several meeting rooms in your office.




Please, feel free to address us your questions

Our experts are ready to offer you the best possible solution based on your needs.


Prestigio Digital Signage Solutions Team