Calls, SMS and IM archiving and logging on mobile devices



VSmartTM IM Capture is proprietary mobile software to help banks and financial institutions achieve regulatory compliance.

No matter where you are in the world, we can record your conversations and store them securely for you to access whenever you need via the VSmart IM Capture Portal.



Network Agnostic

Wherever you are in the world, whatever network, we’ve got you covered.

Full Application Support

We can record most Instant Messaging applications. From WhatsAppTM to Snapchat, anytime and anywhere.

Multiple Device Support

Available on Android, BlackBerry Android and BlackBerry 10 Devices via MDM, EMM and UEM.

User Behaviour Monitoring

The IM Capture Portal displays full metadata, activity stream, keyword or phrase search and a full conversation snapshot.

Scalable Distribution

Need to increase your users or policy model? We can support your needs.

Always On

VSmart™ is a fully compliant solution that ensures you’re always recorded.  




We record conversations from multiple IM applications and social media on mobile devices.

We’ll also let you know when the user attempts to tamper with the VSmartTM IM Capture agent.          




User information is gathered by the client and managed from a central location and easily updatable post-deployment.




We ensure security and encryption is paramount, so we mask and encrypt the data between the mobile device and the secure cloud server.