ClusterStor HPC storage gives you top performance, easy manageability and expert Cray support to boost productivity and lower TCO. You get energy efficiency, a small datacenter footprint and 1 TB/s file system performance, plus a range of service and support options.

Cray ClusterStor balance the value equation with the right performance levels, speed, scalability, data protection and availability to fit your requirements and budget. ClusterStor systems reduce complexity with seamless design and easy installation, workload management and data flow. It all adds up to the industry’s highest-performing and most efficient data storage platform with the lowest overall TCO.

Cray ClusterStor HPC Storage Portfolio includes:

  • ClusterStor L300 All-HDD Lustre Storage System
  • ClusterStor L300N Hybrid (SSD/HDD) Storage System
  • ClusterStor L300F Flash Hybrid Storage System


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