The solution that gives your organization visibility and control of corporate, customer, and personal data to comply with GDPR

BlackBerry GDPR Mobility Compliance solution

The European Commission defines personal data as “any information relating to an individual, whether it relates to his or her private, professional or public life. It can be anything from a name, a photo, an email address, bank details, posts on social networking websites, medical information, or a computer’s IP address."

Mainstream data security solutions are generally focused on threats such as intrusion and compromise of structured data assets (e.g. databases and database files). Under the EU definition, however, any form of Personally Identifiable Information (PII) is covered by the new regulations.

Regardless of where personal data resides in your organization, BlackBerry Workspaces gives your organization visibility and control of corporate, customer, and personal data to comply with GDPR.

5 Ways BlackBerry Helps Your Company Comply with GDPR

BlackBerry Workspaces and BlackBerry Email Protector are essential for meeting the GDPR requirements because:

1) BlackBerry provides security for unstructured data types.
This includes image files, .pdf files and Microsoft Office files.

2) BlackBerry enables secure collaboration.
PII is often embedded in files that are shared in the normal course of business – job applications, loan applications, health records and so forth.

Workspaces and Email Protector allow companies to protect those files with file level security. Access control and DRM features allow the user to control who can access the file and what they can do with it once they have it – even after the file has been shared. These permissions can be set to expire at a given time or can be revoked manually at any time.

3) BlackBerry Workspaces’ secure web client allows files to be shared and accessed from any device without the recipient ever downloading the file.
Although the recipient can view, comment and markup, the recipient can never download or save the file, ensuring compliance with GDPR.

4) BlackBerry Workspaces and BlackBerry Email Protector provide the Data Protection Officer (DPO) with unparalleled file monitoring and reporting.
Workspaces logs every action taken on every file in the system, enabling the DPO to determine:
WHAT was done with the file...
WHERE they did it...
WHICH device was used

5) Right to be forgotten.
In the case of a data breach or if a citizen requests the erasure of PII, Workspaces provides a response and remediation mechanism. Most solutions have no way to limit or mitigate risk and damage when security is compromised. Workspaces allows the DPO, the user who shared the file, or solution administrators to dynamically revoke access to affected files.



About Workspaces

BlackBerry Workspaces makes your content secure wherever it travels. With Workspaces, all stakeholders can safely access, share and collaborate on even the most sensitive files, using any device — desktop (Windows®, Mac®) or mobile (iOS®, Android™, BlackBerry® 10). By combining a user experience that’s as easy and intuitive as any consumer solution with a unique datacentric architecture (which embeds protection right in your files), BlackBerry Workspaces is designed to meet the needs of your organization, IT team, and users.