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ActiveScaleTM for Cloud Service Providers

Realize True Hybrid Cloud with Pure

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ActiveScaleTM  for Cloud Service Providers


Transforming Cloud Storage and Services with Petabyte-Scale Active Archiving

Stop worrying about what data you can afford to keep because of economics or complexity. ActiveScaleTM Systems let you affordably store everything so you can focus on developing new applications and services to attract new customers and retain existing ones.





Cloud Storage—The Foundation for the Third Platform

The third platform – originally identifi ed by IDC—describes the evolution of cloud, mobile, social, Big Data and the Internet of Things to drive innovation for enterprises. Cloud storage is the essential foundation for the third platform but as data growth exceeds available capacity, storage providers are challenged to rethink their data center growth strategy. Customers need the freedom to archive everything for as long as they deem the data is useful, and storage archives need to be highly accessible for data-hungry activities that can unlock new insights for industry.


ActiveScaleTM P100 System



The Future of Cloud Storage Is Here


Until now, the freedom to archive without limits was constrained by the limits of available capacity and IT budgets. Cloud customers have had to trade off better decision making with what data to keep and what to throw away. 

Western Digital has removed a major barrier to innovation with its limitless cloud storage platform, the ActiveScale System. 

This ready out-of-the-box, S3-compliant object storage system allows cloud storage providers to easily deploy and scale their cloud foundation so they can focus on providing valuable services and applications on top. This turn-key object storage system can be up and running in minutes and the system has limitless scale across data centers and geographies. Its breakthrough TCO beats the white box economics of DIY cloud infrastructure, has the highest density per square foot and the lowest cost per terabyte, allowing cloud storage providers to offer a competitive alternative to the public cloud.



Realize True Hybrid Cloud with Pure


Build applications once and run seamlessly across your hybrid cloud

Pure Storage® cloud data services and cloud data infrastructure bridge the cloud divide, driving hybrid applications that run across clouds and leverage the agility and innovation of private, edge, SaaS, and public clouds simultaneously. Where once private and public cloud data storage operated in separate worlds due to different models of resiliency, data services, and APIs, Pure now unifies cloud – delivering effortless, bi-directional data and app mobility that enables you to run applications anywhere.


Pure Storage cloud data services are the best of both worlds: industrial-strength block storage enabling mission-critical enterprise apps to run in the cloud, effortless bi-directional data mobility, and new storage services for webscale apps that weren’t possible in the cloud before – everything managed, orchestrated, and protected consistently across clouds. Pure’s new Cloud Block Store, CloudSnap, and StorReduce technology, which run atop AWS EBS and S3, enable customers to easily migrate applications to the cloud, run hybrid across on-premises and cloud, and use the cloud for backup and disaster recovery, and develop more sophisticated webscale applications.




Pure simultaneously enables enterprises to run mission-critical applications seamlessly in the cloud – without rearchitecting – and powers the development of more sophisticated webscale applications. Cloud Block Store is industrial-strength block storage powered by Pure’s software running natively in the public cloud. Pure delivers consistent storage services, resiliency, and APIs across on-premises and cloud deployments, so that applications can be built once and run anywhere with all the features and benefits Pure brings.

  1. 100% SOFTWARE Deploys instantly as a virtual appliance in the cloud, runs only as long as you need IT.
  2. EFFICIENT Deduplication, compression, and thin provisioning deliver capacity and performance economically.
  3. HYBRID  Easily migrate data bi-directionally, delivering data portability and protection across your hybrid cloud.
  4. CONSISTENT API Developers connect to storage the same way on-prem and in the cloud. Automated deployment with Cloud Formation Templates.
  5. FAST, RELIABLE, SECURE  Delivers industrial-strength performance, reliability & protection with multi-availability zone HA, non-disruptive upgrades, instant snaps, and data-at-rest encryption.
  6. FLEXIBLE Pay-as-you-go consumption model to best match your needs for production and development.




Easily migrate data bi-directionally, enabling data portability and protection across your on-premises, hosted, and public cloud infrastructure. Use cases include disaster recovery from the cloud, backup to the cloud, and even hybrid development and deployment.


Your developers can connect to storage via consistent APIs, whether on-premises or in the cloud, while relying on a storage platform that provides enterprise resiliency. Pure delivers automated deployments with cloud plug-ins for VMware and AWS, open full-stack orchestration, and effortless monitoring and predictive support with Pure1®.


INFINIDAT Neutrix Cloud®


Sovereign Storage Enabling Real-Time Competition Between Public Clouds Enhance workload agility, easily move workloads without moving data.

High performance, high availability for production and test/dev. Eliminate hidden cloud costs for storage.



Easily on-ramp existing data for multicloud workload deployment


Multi-cloud, multi-availability zone, multi-protocol Neutrix Cloud makes it easier than ever to centralize your data and provide simultaneous access to multiple public cloud services. Run enterprise applications natively in your virtual private cloud while utilizing adjacent enterprise class storage. InfiniBox owners can easily implement Disaster Recovery as a Service (DRaaS) with Neutrix Cloud as the target for replication.


Your data is safe and secure in a sovereign cloud while applications can be moved between compute clouds for the best available pricing

On-demand disaster recovery for InfiniBox users

Neutrix Cloud makes it easier to reduce the costs of cloud computing by avoiding costly data transfer fees, as well as employing highly efficient snapshots to support test/dev instances at petabyte scale.Commoditize cloud compute by leveraging spot pricing for app instances across clouds without moving your data. At 9¢/GB/ month, Neutrix Cloud is a sound economic choice.


Choose from file or block storage, with options for read only and writable snapshots, to accelerate your cloud-scale application development and deployments. Enjoy all the features and benefits of enterprise storage, including high availability and enterprise proven reliability.


Using the Infinidat technology foundation, including InfiniRAID, your data is proactively secured and constantly checked for integrity to insure the highest levels of data reliability.

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