About Lite-On

Corporation Lite-On IT is part of the group of Taiwanese Lite-On Group, which unites 9 companies.

Lite-On Group - a world leader in the field of fusion of digital and analog technologies. This so-called 3C-Industry: Computer, Communications, Consumer electronics (computers, telecommunications and consumer electronics).

The company, which has offices and companies in many countries, employs 35 000 people. The company Lite-On IT was established in Taipei (Taiwan) in 1975.

was the production of LEDs for hours main business. Since the early years of the company's Lite-On its main products are light-emitting diodes, the English word "Light" ( «Light") was chosen for the name of the corporation.

In the next twenty years, Lite-On gradually expanded its business activities in Asia and the Pacific and became known as a manufacturing company, which has an extensive branch network.

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