The largest LED video wall in Cyprus museums

December 21, 2023

The largest LED video wall in Cyprus museums

The largest LED video wall in Cyprus museums have been succesfully installed to Sea and Culture Museum in Polis Chrysoxous


In a groundbreaking initiative by the Polis Chrysochous Municipality, the Sea and Culture Museum, Polis and Latsi and the Eratosthenes Centre transformed their exhibition into a high-tech museum with the combination of LED video wall and Multiboard Prime from Prestigio Solutions. The wall consists of 6 seamless segments, spanning 60 square meters forming a remarkable circular display. Connected with Multiboard Prime 86″ it makes for a unique interactive solution. The project was created to fulfill unique museum demands and is the biggest among museums in Cyprus.


The combination was designed to create an immersive experience for visitors of all ages in the unique heritage of Cyprus. The Multiboard makes it possible to experience the exhibition in a unique and inclusive way by allowing visitors to explore their interests on interactive panels and place them at the center of the exposition surrounded by large displays. It transforms the museum with enriched storytelling, dynamic exhibits, and interactive history into a memorable experience for everyone. The large video wall enhances engagement, showcasing high-resolution images, videos, and other interactive content, connecting visitors to history in a more profound way.


The idea of the transformation belongs to the Polis Chrysochous municipality. The project design and realization feature a comprehensive setup including the LED panels, the controller, as well as the setup and configuration of the screens made by Prestigio Solutions. The content setup, scenarios for splitting and combining the screen, and content management are provided by Disoplayforce software. At the moment, the museum is still undergoing renovations and is not open to the public yet.

ASBIS KYPROS played a pivotal role in the project coming to life, from the idea to assembling the infrastructure and coordinating contractors for installation, electrical connections, signal wiring, and rack assembly. The project was financed by the Polis Chrysochou Municipality. 


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