Interactive communication with customers

Use Digital Signage solutions in retail to enhance interest and increase sales

Prestigio Interactive Digital Signage Solution for communication with customers.

Prestigio Interactive Digital Signage (IDS) Solution is a media and software system with analytics and targeted content on a desktop. It allows you to display video, images and use interactive advertising content to engage visitors and customers, empowering offline advertising with advantages of online tools. 

  1. • Attract more visitors to the store using interactive video content
  2. • Communicate with customers offering personalised adverting
  3. • Push sales from shelves showing media about products visitors are looking for
  4. • Analyse your visitors to create target-specific ad-campaigns and increase conversion rate


Main advantages of Prestigio IDS Solutions


Increase the number of window shoppers from the street to the point of sale 

Deliver immersive and personalised content using Prestigio IDS Solutions, which will help you to attract customers’ attention and significantly increase brand loyalty and purchases



Attract customers to a specific shelf 

Prestigio IDS Solutions proactively compete with rivals in marketing strategies and provides the ability to control pricing and content across an entire product portfolio from one single location, ensuring that information is reliable and correct across the store chain.


Increase sales by product group off the shelf

Prestigio IDS Solutions visually attracts passers-by and influences their purchasing decision. This is achieved directly at the point of sale through targeting and delivering highly personalised content to customers including current price promos and special offers in a Live regime.



Increase sales of related products 

Use Prestigio IDS solutions to recommend and highlight complementary goods, such as a specific snack for beer, or some accessories for your smartphone.


Use modern technology to communicate with customers 

Companies have limited time to convey information about the conditions and benefits of goods. IDS communicates at its best! Display the image of the product that the customer is holding in their hands. Involve and encourage customers to interact with your content using the touch interface.



Prestigio Addreality Software

Prestigio Addreality software integrated in Interactive Digital Signage solutions provides 3 key components to maximise user's engagement: 

  1. • Create advertising campaigns quickly and easily using "Prestigio Addreality Designer" and prepare them to transfer to the Prestigio Addreality Manager. Hundreds of templates are included
  2. • No matter how many devices and campaigns you have - manage them all via one working desk using Prestigio Addreality Manager. 
  3. • Prestigio Addreality Player helps to play advertising campaigns on broadcast devices and collect statistics.

The platform enables the management of advertising displays, background music, interactive surfaces and video walls centrally and remotely. Prestigio Addreality collects the audience data and analyses advertising effectiveness.

  • • Complete solution for your business
  • • Centralised and remote content control 
  • • In-store live customer communication and targeted advertising by age and gender 
  • • Just-in-time analytics
  • • The solution combines all devices with a single advertising tool.

Investing in Digital Signage network means you can manage all advertising places via one working desk, collect full statistics to analyse your visitors and create customised advertising campaigns. It can be a powerful tool to spend marketing budgets efficiently providing transparent and predictable return on marketing investments. 

Return on Investment

Smart Digital Signage solutions are a new revenue stream when implemented properly. This can drive ROI down to a few months, since custom messaging based on specific customer behavior is invaluable. Our partners from Addreality prepared a detailed study on how smart Digital Signage trends change the advertising landscape driving to a virtually guaranteed Return On Investment. Review real examples below and receive more information by downloading the whitepaper.  


Real Examples

Electronics retail LED shelves project

Project includes integration of LED Shelf Solution. Content is managed by Prestigio AddReality IDS software.

  • • Attracting the attention of customers who walk near the shop.
  • • 30% increase of the traffic to the stand (inside the shop)
  • • 23% sales increase from current shelf


Store of the future project for world famous brand

Prestigio Solutions IDS LED Shelf Signage (Prestigio digital shelf labels) were integrated into existing store shelves with already known Digital Signage devices such as LCD panels and touch-screen kiosks.

  • • Doubled sales of promoted brand from the shelf
  • • 25% sales increase of neighborhood products



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