Prestigio Solution to Interact with a customer

Interact with client to deliver great customer communication via targeted advertising and interactive content

Interact with customers

Prestigio IDS Totem based solution is a way to increase the probability of additional sales. 

Give customers the opportunity to use familiar interactive features of online store in offline environment at your point of sale, show all the goods that did not fit on the shelf, provide information on related products, run unusual interactive companies. 

In other words – create unforgettable shopping experience and customers will come back to your store over and over again.


Benefits for your business

  • • Up to 20% increase in sales of related products through the integration with online tools 
  • • Show 100% of the products in the store, without putting it on a shelf
  • Reduce staff costs due to solution's self talking opportunities. Show and talk about products without sellers in the hall
  • Save the buyer in your infrastructure and secure your sale. Show the product that the buyer is looking for on your website
  • • Get the tool to analyze customers statistics (age, gender, demanded goods, popular product groups, viewing time, number of pages viewed and other performance indicators)



Complete solution for your business

We took care to provide you not only devices, but all the solution from the idea to the updating, and analytics to ensure comfortable and effective operation.



  • • Best price
  • • Vandal-proof tempered glass and metal case 
  • • Slim design with interactive 10 touchpoint screen 
  • • Powerful Integrated Windows IoT PC
  • • Integrated WiFi and LAN build in speakers 




  • • No local server needed
  • • Centralized content and device management
  • • Touch functionality, feedback forms and statistics 
  • • Any type of content to display 
  • • Great number of readymade templates application to create any project you need easily   



  • • Consultations from our specialists
  • • Recommendations for creating content
  • • Training for your specialists



Make your store more interesting for the customer

Interactive Prestigio solution also drives target content and collects statistics of the engaged audience, the duration of impressions and the number of views, which helps to evaluate the efficiency of content. And a concise design will make your room look modern and attractive.



Please, feel free to address us with your questions.

Our experts are ready to offer you the best possible solution to your needs. 


Prestigio Digital Signage Solutions Team