Secure Access to behind-thefirewall resources from any devices

BlackBerry® Digital Workplace allows you to equip your modern workforce with all the enterprise apps, data, and tools they need to be productive on any device—all on a secure, self-contained workspace that is continuously protected from evolving cyber threats.

BlackBerry Digital Workplace connects users seamlessly to email, calendar, contacts, and a secure, inbuilt document editor, whether online or offline, for increased productivity. And everything is browser-based, so there’s no need to actively manage devices or complex VPN systems. What’s more, with BlackBerry Digital Workplace, all your devices and endpoints are continuously protected with CylancePROTECT®, a leading-edge, AI-based malware solution.

Any App, Any Device, Anywhere 

  • • Securely access any web-based or legacy app, intranet site, and file using the BlackBerry® Access secure browser 
  • • This includes Windows® and Linux® apps, desktops, and SaaS solutions 
  • • Work from any device running Windows, macOS®, or Chromebook Everything at Your Fingertips 
  • • Create a unified and personalized workspace where all your apps, tools, and company files are within reach in one virtual desktop environment

Total Control and Endpoint Protection (EPP) 

  • • Only allow users access when CylancePROTECT malware protection is running and prevent access from unsecured devices 
  • • Fully encrypt all connections 
  • • Control actions such as copy/paste, print, screenshot, and download/upload at user and app levels 
  • • Remotely wipe and lock devices if needed 
  • • Conduct audit of system usage 

Non-Stop Productivity 

  • • Get secure online and offline access to PIM, apps, and files anytime, anywhere

Continuous Protection 

  • • Deploy next-gen device security with CylancePROTECT 
  • • Leverage AI-powered security for advanced threat and anomaly detection 
  • • Enable “zero-day” malware identification and eradication 
  • • Find and block “fileless” or zero-footprint attacks
  • • Enable secure password-only authentication

Simple to Manage 

  • • Browser-based platform eliminates need to manage fleet of devices 
  • • Easy gateway-like architecture enables quick setup and easy maintenance 
  • • Run the solution using the infrastructure of your choice

BlackBerry Digital Workplace is built on a flexible, market-tested architecture that can be integrated with your existing Infrastructure.

ASBIS expert teams configure BlackBerry technologies to create commercially viable solutions of choice.

Our close and collaborative partnership is here to help you grow your business, offering a robust and in-depth mobile and cyber security solution stack to your customers, providing access to a suite of sales tools, marketing collateral, and a dedicated proactive support team.

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