Intel SSD

Intel® SSDs for the data center are optimized for performance, reliability, and endurance.

Eliminate bottlenecks with the best data center storage solutions. Modernize your infrastructure to keep up with the demands of digital business. 

The Intel® Optane™ Solid State Drive (SSD):   helps eliminate data center storage bottlenecks and allows bigger, more affordable data sets. It can accelerate applications, reduce transaction costs for latency-sensitive workloads, and improve overall data center TCO. P4801X, P4800X

Intel SSD D7 Series: Designed to meet today’s increasingly demanding service levels and support broader cloud workloads, while reducing storage costs. P4610, P4511, P4510, P4501, P3608, D3700, D3600

Intel SSD D5 Series: Intel delivers the industry’s first PCIe* Intel® QLC 3D NAND SSD for the Data Center – a new generation of large, affordable, and reliable drives. P4320, P4326, P4420

Intel SSD D3 series:  Increase mixed workload efficiency while maintaining infrastructure compatibility. S4510, S4610, S4500, S4600, S3520

Intel SSD D1 series:  Ideal value-based endurance and performance for read-intensive workloads, and is specifically designed and tested for data center usage models; including boot, search indexing, edge caching, and web hosting. S3110, P3100, P4101



Micron SSD

Data centers are rapidly moving toward massive scale and efficiency — a transformation driven by virtualization, centralization and cloud computing. Micron helps you choose the right memory and storage solutions to get the most value out of your data center. Micron enable you to more easily and efficiently turn data into insights for super-intelligent decision making.

SSDs for Client Storage - Micron client SSDs bring groundbreaking performance and optimum portability to client computing applications

SSDs for Enterprise - Made for the big demands of enterprise-class applications — Micron SSDs deliver high performance and reliability, superior data protection, and optimal endurance to support your enterprise Infrastructure.




High capacity, top-performance SAS/NVMe SSD for servers. 

2.5-inch SAS/NVMe SDDs :

DC SS530 - 3D TLC NAND flash for ultra-high performance, 12Gb/s SAS, Advanced power-loss and data-management technology

DC SN200/SN620 - Up to 1.2M random read IOPS, Capacities from 800GB to 7.68TB, High-performance PCIe Gen 3 & NVMe compliant, Enterprise-class 2M hour MTBF reliability rating



Samsung SSD

Experience world-leading SSDs developed with proven excellency and constant innovation

New, Ideal SSD Performance for PCs - Samsung SSD sets the standard in high-performance storage for PCs with rapid data processing and reliability in compact form factors.

Innovating Enterprise Storage - Samsung’s all-flash solutions for heavy workloads deliver unrivaled performance, reliability and capacity without bottlenecks.



Kingston SSD

Kingston SSDs will not only increase performance and make data more secure but they can also be used to extend the life of older systems and enable an organisation to delay a PC refresh and potentially save thousands of pounds.

Consumer - Revive your computer with improved speed, performance and reliability over traditional hard drives.

Business - Extend the lifecycle and dramatically improve the performance of PCs for a lower TCO with SSDNow drives designed for business.

Enterprise - These enterprise SSDs offer increased endurance and power-failure features to keep mission-critical environments up and running 24/7.

System Builders - Hard drive replacements ideal for non-PC applications