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Storage Solutions

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Block Storage

Block Storage

Block storage is data storage typically used in storage-area network (SAN) environments where data is stored in volumes, also referred to as blocks. Each block is assigned an arbitrary identifier by which it can be stored and retrieved, but no metadata providing further context.


Object Storage

Object Storage

Object storage, also known as object-based storage, is a strategy that manages and manipulates data storage as distinct units, called objects. These objects are kept in a single storehouse and are not ingrained in files inside other folders.


File Storage

Unified and File Storage

Unified storage - or multiprotocol storage - provides SAN-style block-level access and the file-level access of NAS in one box and is set to become commonplace for all but the most high-performance transactional database data storage applications.


Tape Storage Systems

Tape storage systems have a number of inherent benefits for long-term data archiving -tape can be truly offline; it can be easily transported offsite; and though disk prices continue to fall, tape is still relatively inexpensive.