Team productivity with Microsoft

 Easy-to-use solution for employees collaboration and time         management based on advanced Microsoft technologies.


Goals and needs of most  companies:

  • • let employees work together regardless of their presence in office or by phone;
  • • automate various routine tasks and manual processes;
  • • make search of relevant information faster, prevent loss of documents;
  • • ensure the security of business-critical information.




For these and many other tasks the best solution is a subscription to pack of collaboration services.

Cost of the subscription starts from $5* per user/month, and it will allow you to:





get comfortable environment for full-fledged collaboration of the employees



implement simple document-management workflow, automate document creation and data collection




make the transition to centralized structured storage of corporate documents




provide joint work with documents, integrated search, as well as ability to work offline




ensure remote access for employees from various mobile and desktop devices



 The most popular and relevant solution is Office 365 Business Essentials subscription. It includes major demanded services for collaborative work in one package.  










SharePoint Online



MS Teams



MS Planner




SharePoint Online Benefits 


  • • Search. Search of content and people across the intranet and group web-sites.
  • • SharePoint Workflow. Workflows that help simplify business rules and their application.
  • • Modern intranet sites. Dedicated environment for your team to collaborate with documents and data in real time. 
  • • Content management. Centralized managing different types of content using the metadata, workflows and access controls.
  • • Portals. Shared resources for both entire company and selected departments designed to help employees to interact and work together.



Microsoft Teams Benefits 


Microsoft Teams is a workspace in Office 365 enabling you to arrange team communication using all needed tools, such as chats, audio and video calls by a single interface.




 Microsoft Teams lets you stay in contact just in a few clicks:

  • • Build teams, linking people on any principle, for example working on the same project.
  • • Create channels that are team discussions on a specific topic. For every team any number of channels can be created. Relevant conferences may be arranged on particular issues in the channels. 
  • • Chat with other people in private conversations.






Well-organized workspace is easy to configure by tabs:

  • • Files for documents attached by users to conversations. They are easily accessible at Files tab.
  • • Basic working document for particular group conversation. It may be OneNote notebook, PowerPoint presentation, Word document or Excel spreadsheet.
  • • MS Planner board for group members task management.
  • • Power BI report.







  Other features:
  • • Skype for Business launch from conversation to start conference call immediately.
  • • End-to-end search through the text of conversation





 MS Planner Benefits


Microsoft Planner is a new tool for teamwork management in Office 365. With MS Planner users can create work plans, assign tasks to each other, and perform them together.



  Microsoft Planner lets you be more efficient just in a few clicks:

  • • Create plans that are set of tasks for particular project for specific user group.
  • • Unite tasks by types into groups within the plan.




Actions available for every task:

  • • Assign deadlines;
  • • Attach files required to complete the task;
  • • Make discussions with working group members.                   







 Two display modes for each Plan:

  • • Board for tasks displayed according to groups, implementation status or people assigned.
  • • Charts to see the progress of entire plan and particular tasks.






Other features:

  • • notifications on assigned tasks by e-mail;                                     
  • • mobile devices support.









 With every purchase of Office 365 Business Essentials you will be offered by training and initial setup services**: 

 Office 365 registration, setup andconfiguration 
 Online trainings and user's manuals

 End-users technical support for testing period with recommendations to improve the productivity 


Solution for personnel management from Microsoft

Challenges common to many companies:

  • • Shift-workers;
  • • Need to control shift-swapping, compensatory for overtime, sick leaves;  
  • • Lack of access to the schedule for employees;
  • • Manual control of the staff shifts.


 Start using Microsoft StaffHub in Office 365 subscription

 Microsoft StaffHub is a cloud-based app that successfully works on all devices. It allows employees and their managers to control the time, communicate within their groups and share content without desktop. 


  • • Simple system of management the schedule for shift-workers
  • • User-friendly schedule interface
  • • Permanent access for all employees to their schedule through mobile app
  • • Records of hours worked in the system
  • • Helpful way to automate the shifts-swapping, coordinate vacations and sick leaves, as well as give everyone access to necessary documents and notify about the changes
  • • Implementation takes just a few days


 Cost of Office 365 Enterprise E1 including Microsoft StaffHub starts from $8* per user/month.


 * - This is estimated price. Final cost of the solution may vary according to country, local legislation and tax base.
** - Optional