The EQUIIS Secure Enterprise Collaboration™ Solution Provides Enterprises with the Freedom to Communicate on any Network

Use EQUIIS for complete privacy and control without sacrificing compliance requirements

Mobile communications present major privacy challenges for businesses.

Applications are not secure and they are vulnerable to breaches. Voice and text discussions are easily intercepted and often exploited. Organizations that communicate sensitive information on mobile devices must assume that their rivals are listening. Corporate financial and strategy information.
Client/Attorney privileged conversations. The communication of personal healthcare information. These are just a few examples of information that our customers want to assure is private and secure.
The technique of digital communications interception has matured to a level where tools are readily available for the motivated individual to intercept GSM phone calls and text messages. GSM represents over 80% of all global mobile connections, rendering every enterprise that relies on today’s mobile networks vulnerable.
While mainstream consumer apps offer free encrypted communications for individuals; for the enterprise, encryption alone is not enough. Enterprises require control over who, how and when their communications are used.
For easy adoption, an effective secure communicator must be as simple and natural as picking up the phone. That’s why we created the EQUIIS Secure Enterprise Collaboration™ platform - an integrated, encrypted, secure and controlled communications solution - exclusively for the enterprise.
The EQUIIS Secure Enterprise Collaboration™ platform is a completely secure voice and text communications solution that allows an enterprise to communicate privately across any network, anywhere in the world.
Comprising the EQUIIS Communication Manager and the EQUIIS Secure Communicator mobile app, enterprises are empowered with global control of their workforce communications. The EQUIIS Communication Manager is a web-based portal, allowing administrators to provision end-user devices and assign users to granular circles of trust. The EQUIIS mobile app is a simple-to-use, client-side download.
The EQUIIS Secure Enterprise Collaboration™ platform is available as a hosted service or as an on-premise installation within private infrastructure. Enterprises have the flexibility to deploy EQUIIS as it best fits their needs or as compliance dictates.

EQUIIS for State-of-the-Art
Encrypted Mobile Communications

  • • End-to-end mobile voice and text encryption.
  • • 256 bit AES encryption of application data.
  • • Secure mobile conference calling and image transfer
  • • Multiple encryption levels for maximum security.
  • • Encryption at the transport layer using TLS v1.2 and 2048-bit RSA.
  • • Peer-to-peer messaging with off the record and ephemeral key exchange.
  • • Bi-directional message burn.
  • • Each text securely transmitted using its own 256-bit AES cipher key.
  • • Voice calls secured with multi-layered, ephemeral keys over DTLS.

The EQUIIS Secure Enterprise Collaboration™ platform: A Critical Component of Every Enterprise’s Security Infrastructure

Enterprise mobility, security, and breaches. The Facts:
BYOD is unstoppable – Gartner expects that by 2018, 70% of mobile professionals will do all work on personal devices.
Mobile device crimes are on the rise – The PwC 2015 Information Security Breaches Study on UK Corporations found a 100% increase in mobile device breaches.
Most security breaches go undetected for a long time - According to Ponemon Institute research, 95% of security breaches go undetected for more than a month.
Persistent electronic espionage is a reality of life – Insurance firm Lloyd’s estimates that cyber attacks cost businesses $400 billion a year.
Imagine what government bodies or competitors learn from listening to your employees’ mobile phone calls. Without using EQUIIS, assume they hear everything. Using EQUIIS, they can’t hear anything, leaving your top managers and employees free to
communicate in confidence.

Use EQUIIS for complete privacy and control without sacrificing compliance requirements

EQUIIS delivers private mobile communications solutions to help enterprises secure and control employee communications. Using
the web-based EQUIIS Communication Manager, you control the flow of communication. You remotely enroll and provision devices,
assign access levels and manage circles of trusted users. With detailed reporting, you can monitor behavior to ensure that employees
are appropriately using private communications. Importantly, you own and control the call metadata. If required, communications can
be completely off-the-record; the system retains neither call nor messaging metadata.

- Built using an open-source encryption architecture
EQUIIS ensures enterprises always have the latest, highest-grade encryption available
- Easy and flexible to deploy
EQUIIS is available as a cloud-based service or an on-premise private installation.
- Simple and quick to add and change users
EQUIIS easily allows you to manage users and calling circles within minutes.
- Enterprise-focused with granular control
with centralized control, you can identify and address insecure calling patterns.
- Secure mobile collaboration
EQUIIS is the only solution that can provide both secure conference calling and secure group chat.
- Available for iOS and Android devices.

About EQUIIS Technologies Switzerland A.G
EQUIIS Technologies Switzerland AG was founded by a group of mobile and encryption entrepreneurs and pioneers with a shared
history working with some of the world’s largest enterprises and telecommunication operators. We share a vision of bringing to
market a cohesive, purpose built end to end secure enterprise communications platform with proven encryption technologies.
EQUIIS is headquartered in Zurich, Switzerland, for more information visit
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