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High Performance NVR Appliance and Storage Solutions for Video Surveillance

The latest advances in video surveillance are helping a growing number of organizations and corporations protect their interests from the diverse and growing threats that exist today. As a worldwide storage leader, PROMISE Technology develops high-performance storage solutions that solve the unique challenges customers face in video surveillance. With outstanding design, performance, and support, PROMISE’s industry leading NVR storage appliances and external storage solutions deliver the optimal mix of features and capabilities that exceed the critical requirements of video surveillance.

Why Vess for Video Surveillance?

Designed for Video Surveillance

The demands of video surveillance applications are unique and you need storage solutions that are designed to excel in this environment. Vess is designed for video surveillance, eliminating the complexity of integrating a solution designed for IT in a surveillance environment. Plus, Vess delivers the best price/performance ratio of any competitor on the market, a huge asset to customers who demand outstanding performance on a tight budget.

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Reliable performance is crucial for video surveillance. When a storage array is newly configured, its performance is stable before it’s filled up with video data (figure

1). Once the newly configured array is filled up, the recording pattern becomes a continual process of writing off old surveillance video data and writing on new video data, creating a workload overhead that slightly impacts performance (figure 2).

If any of the drives fail, the system enters degraded or critical mode status which greatly impacts streaming performance (figure 3). The failed disk now needs to be replaced so the rebuild can start. During the rebuild, streaming performance can be much more unstable, as in addition to the normal request load the controller needs to reserve some computing power for the rebuild (figure 4).

The Vess Series is engineered to tackle these challenges. The Vess Series delivers industry leading reliability by providing more reliable and stable performance for surveillance video recording, especially when the array is in a critical state or during rebuild, which is key to eliminating frame dropping.

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The Vess Series has been certified and tested with the world’s leading video management software, including Milestone, Genetec, AxxonSoft, and CamIQ deliver-ing the highest levels of compatibility and performance. This provides a complete solution at a great price point, ensuring that customers’ expectations for excellence, performance, and scalability are met.


NVR Storage Appliances for IP Video Surveillance

Vess A-Series Highlights

  • • Optimized for video surveillance recording
  • • Ideal for up to over a hundred full-HD IP cameras
  • • Integrated solution results in less management overhead
  • • Easy & affordable to scale with the Vess R2000 external storage series
  • • Vess A4600 & A4800 can directly connect to the Vess J2000 without a RAID unit in between which makes it a more cost effective solution in some environments
  • • Hot swappable drive bays, redundant power supplies and One Plug Auto Service ensure Vess is incredibly easy to administer & maintain

The Vess A-Series NVR storage appliances are engineered specifically to be the best solution for midsize to large-scale IP video surveillance deployments. Featuring failsafe protection that provides continuous recording without dropping frames under live playback conditions, it is ideal for 32 to over a hundred full-HD IP cameras, making it perfect for gaming, banking, transportation, manufacturing and many more industries.

Vess R-Series External Storage Highlights

  • • Industry leading performance and reliability at an excellent price
  • • Expand up to 160 disk drives with Vess J2000 expansion units
  • • Supports 6Gbps & 3Gbps SAS & SATA drives simultaneously
  • • Dual active/active SAS JBOD I/O modules
  • • 3U-16 & 4U-24 form factor featuring hot-swappable drive bays
  • • Reliable N+1 redundant power supplies
  • • Energy efficient system reduces power and cooling costs

The high availability active-active Vess R-Series is designed for data-intensive industries, including midsize to large scale surveillance installations where downtime is unacceptable and where large external storage capacity, support for on-demand expansion, long retention periods, and reliable high bandwidth throughput are a must.

NVR Storage Appliances for IP Video Surveillance

Flexible Solution

The Vess A-Series is integrated with the operating system of your choice, and customers are provided with the option to purchase the system with or without hard disk drives. The Vess A-Series ships without video management software (VMS) installed, allowing users the flexibility to deploy the VMS of their choice.

Additionally, the stand-alone Vess NVR greatly reduces support and equipment costs because there is no separate RAID storage unit to manage, eliminating the need for a server, controller cards, external cables, and a separate storage enclosure for a complete video surveillance system; the Vess NVR storage appliance does it all!

Integrated Solution - Easier to Manage & Grow

The all-in-one Vess A-Series solution makes it incredible easy to scale as your surveillance needs grow. Security practitioners can easily scale with no user configuration, just plug and add. When external storage is a must, easily scale up with PROMISE’s Vess R-Series external storage series, creating a total video surveillance solution that combines a recording appliance and external storage.