With cloud solutions, you could increase your business flexibility and cut IT costs simultaneously with on-demand computer capacity.



 Infrastructure on Microsoft Azure

Efficiency, flexibility and cost saving with cloud. Infrastructure solution on Microsoft Azure virtual machines combines a power of supercomputer with elasticity of cloud resources.



Complex turnkey solution for SMB

Great combination of Microsoft Office efficiency, cloud flexibility and 100% of data recoverability guaranteed by StorageCraft. 


Websites on Microsoft Azure

This is flexible, scalable and rapidly deployable solution for web sites and applications hosting and development. It combines a power of supercomputer with security, speed and elasticity of cloud resources.


Staff management portal based on Microsoft cutting-edge technologies

THR service automation using Microsoft Office 365 technologies. Online portal designed for HR department with remote access from any device.


Backup on Microsoft Azure

With ASBIS backup solution designed on Microsoft Azure you may be sure that even in case of IT system failure your data will be kept safely and restored immediately.